Radio rental

Abix is a national leader in the provision of professional radio rental services and the development of radio communication projects. Serving the most diverse segments such as large industries, petrochemical industries, mining companies, agribusiness, hotels, public security, private security and events, we stand out for the variety of equipment in stock and our traditional highly specialized technical staff, which gives our projects the highest success rates and quality, providing efficient voice and data communication for our customers in the most diverse environments.

Our technicians and engineers are constantly trained and updated in the main analog and digital Motorola Solutions radio technologies. Through our premium partnership with Motorola, we have access to the most up-to-date training, equipment and documentation available on the market. For more than 20 years, Abix has been working on the design, rental and sale of radio systems and is the best in the market for professional radio solutions.

Abix has technicians available to monitor the use of radios, train users, install and uninstall repeaters, bases and mobile radios.

CCTV system rental

In the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) service line, Abix sells and rents equipment, as well as designing and implementing Security Camera Monitoring Systems. Our projects use high-quality equipment from partners such as Pelco, Alson, Intelbras, Hikvision and the new Motorola Avigilon line of video surveillance solutions. The projects are designed and executed by specialist and certified technicians, which guarantees high quality in the delivery of solutions. The segments of operation are similar to the segments served by radio communication solutions. We offer traditional CCTV solutions as well as customized Video Analytics solutions with artificial intelligence, such as facial identification and recognition, object recognition, license plate reading and people and vehicle counting.

Apresentação ilustrada do serviço de CFTV


Seeking the support of a specialized company such as Abix is the best course of action. Our technical team of analysts and engineers can monitor the health of your company’s radio system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that the system is operating in optimum condition and that corrective action can be taken quickly in the event of a problem.

The Abix monitoring system offers a 100% web interface for administration and data display. Combined with alert indicators via e-mail, SNMP, SMS and/or the voice messaging facility, monitoring helps ensure that radio systems operate in optimum condition. The system also allows automatic actions such as restarting services to be carried out based on events.

Telecom Engineering

Abix offers expert advice on equipment legalization, legislation, regulation and
supervising activities in the telecommunications sector, following Anatel’s rules and CREA’s guidelines.

Anatel licensing

Abix carries out the entire process with Anatel:

  • Project preparation for radio frequency legalization with Anatel;
  • Project to obtain licenses; Application for renewal of licenses;
  • Evaluation of human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with the operation of radio transmitting stations;
  • Application for renewal of licenses;

All telecommunications systems need to be legalized by Anatel (the National Telecommunications Agency) and to do this you need to carry out a number of procedures to obtain this license from ANATEL.

Site survey and RF Survey

Ensure the quality of your radiocommunication project’s system implementation with Abix’s Predictive Site Survey (Theoretical) and Active Site Survey (Field) technical inspections. Through the work of a trained technical team, it is possible to gather the first data to assess fundamental points such as the positioning of equipment and the infrastructure required for the correct operation of the communication system to be adopted. The proposed evaluations always take into account the possibility of achieving the best data and voice transmission quality at a cost adapted to the needs of each company.

In our inspections, we always consider both indoor and outdoor environments for better system sizing.

Our service also includes a complete spectrum analysis to detect RF interference that can degrade the performance of a radio system.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

We offer preventive and corrective maintenance services for the entire radio system, including repeaters, RF infrastructure, portable, mobile and fixed terminals. In addition to checking antennas, cabling, connectors, surge protectors, combiners, duplexers, power supplies and carrying out on-site repairs, we replace faulty components and guarantee the immediate availability of the radio system.

Another of Abix’s differentials is that the equipment it offers, both for hire and sale, is always inspected and guaranteed by SAM. This gives Abix-labeled equipment security and a guarantee.

Motorola Authorized Service (SAM)

Abix is SAM certified, Motorola Authorized Service, and is authorized to carry out warranty repairs on Motorola professional line radio communicators as it complies with the technical standards and repair procedures, and has the laboratory equipment and service tools required by Motorola.

As a SAM (Motorola Authorized Service), Abix has access to official documents, access to exclusive courses at the Motorola factory and access to original components for equipment repair and maintenance. Our laboratory has the most advanced equipment for repairing and testing your company’s radios, which makes Abix the ideal solution for problems with your company’s Motorola equipment.

Abix’s SAM laboratory is also one of the only ones to have been approved by INMETRO to carry out maintenance on intrinsically safe radio transmitters and has ISO9001 and ISO14001, so with Abix you can be sure that your radio transmitters will always be in perfect condition.

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