A scalable TETRA infrastructure, such as Dimetra IP Compact, allows for expansion without affecting existing users.

Dimetra IP Compact offers a comprehensive and scalable communications solution with an improved IP architecture that guarantees excellent levels of availability and call configuration. In terms of earnings, we are the leading provider of compact and scalable TETRA solutions.

Fully integrated system

With the network equipment and base radios in the same cabinet, DIMETRA Express is easier to configure and install. Small in size, it requires less space and power, and has fewer components. The result? You reduce the cost of ownership, and can concentrate on your business instead of hanging on to your communication system.

Full TETRA capacity

Today, organizations demand more than just talk. They require many types of voice and data communications to complete their tasks. This is why the DIMETRA Express TETRA system enables voice, short data and telephony services. You receive loud and clear voice communications for safe daily operations. Text messaging for times when your teams need quick information, and the ability to make VoIP phone calls outside the network, such as calls to other locations or organizations, senior management or emergency services.

Simple and intuitive configuration

We designed this easy-to-configure and install TETRA system, so you can get your teams up and running faster. In fact, you can now deploy the system in less than 15 minutes with a simple installer. Using a single IP address, you can quickly integrate DIMETRA Express into your existing network. With group subscriber provision, you can set up radio users instantly. What’s more, DIMETRA Express is ready for the future. It only takes one click to update the system software.

Web-based applications

Network management is easy using network-based tools, including a system status monitor and a simple dispatch application. All you need is a PC or tablet with Android™ or Windows® operating system and a browser. Next, it had support for web-based text messaging, which allows teams to send short or pre-configured messages that increase efficiency in the field.

Robust and reliable communications

You can depend on robust and reliable DIMETRA communications, now with everything in one cabinet, knowing that they are available to your team wherever they need them. As a global leader in TETRA, we offer you a complete portfolio of integrated and jointly tested solutions, from network equipment and base stations to radios and accessories. Our aim is to give you peace of mind with quality products and world-class support.

Flexible and expandable architecture

DIMETRA Express is designed to expand according to your needs. Easily add base radios to a site and get additional channels for greater capacity. Or add another location to extend your coverage area. You can also deploy the system as a temporary solution, either for an event or in an emergency, changing frequencies and adding new subscribers so that your radios remain connected and operational.

Dimetra Express

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DIMETRA Express is a truly flexible TETRA system.

Data sheet

DIMETRA Express data sheet

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DIMETRA Express is a new flexible TETRA system. With switch and base radios integrated into a single box or modular system, it’s now easier than ever to configure, deploy and manage your communications. You simplify daily operations, reducing costs and complexity in the long term.

Voice rack. It is compatible with TETRA* voice services, including individual and group calls. Compatible with Motorola MTS2 and MTS4 TETRA Base Stations and MCC7500 IP Consoles.

Improved system rack. Like the voice rack, but with expansion options:

– Short data services
– Package data (single entry and multiple entries)
– Telephone interconnection link port
– System redundancy option
– Voice recording option
– Security option, includes:
– Authentication
– Air interface
– Cryptography
– Full encryption compatibility

Scalable modular solution that can adapt to growth. Dimetra IP Compact’s flexible architecture allows you to start small and grow as your company grows. Whether you start with a single location or just voice functions, our solutions will allow you to expand whenever you want without affecting existing users.

Set of functions and proven ability. Dimetra IP Compact uses the same proven architecture and software as our TETRA solutions, which are used by public safety organizations around the world.


Tetra terminal brochure (English)

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Tetra terminals brochure

Success stories

The city of Gijón in Spain relies on Dimetra IP Compact to optimize TETRA’s capabilities

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The municipality of Gijón is located in the center of the Asturias coast in northern Spain. Covering mainly rural areas, more than 90% of the 275,000 residents are in Gijón, the largest city in the region.

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