Soon, government and public security agencies as well as large companies will be relying on mobile broadband technology. Although we don’t know exactly when this change will occur, with DIMETRA X Core, you won’t be surprised. Designed to make the most of your current DIMETRA network, it is also prepared for the features that will be built into mobile broadband technology.

With a software-defined core, enhanced cyber security and intelligent interfaces, DIMETRA X Core is designed for maximum long-term performance, providing the mission-critical communications needed for the next 15 years or more. By replacing your current core network with DIMETRA X Core, you will be making a truly profitable investment in order to improve and extend the life of your DIMETRA radio access network.

Your DIMETRA system will keep pace with technological developments. It features a completely scalable architecture that allows the system to be expanded from one location to more than 5,000. And, as needed, new users and resources can be added easily by enabling software licenses.

DIMETRA X Core consumes less energy and lowers the long-term total cost of ownership for your organization. What’s more, it allows you to take on costs on a staggered basis, so that you only have to purchase the resources and functionalities you need. Based on proven DIMETRA TETRA technology and open standards, DIMETRA X Core represents a smart and secure investment for the future of your organization.

Fully integrated system

With the network equipment and base radios in the same cabinet, DIMETRA Express is easier to configure and install. Small in size, it requires less space and power, and has fewer components. The result? You reduce the cost of ownership, and can concentrate on your business instead of hanging on to your communication system.

Full TETRA capacity

Today, organizations demand more than just talk. They require many types of voice and data communications to complete their tasks. This is why the DIMETRA Express TETRA system enables voice, short data and telephony services. You receive loud and clear voice communications for safe daily operations. Text messaging for times when your teams need quick information, and the ability to make VoIP phone calls outside the network, such as calls to other locations or organizations, senior management or emergency services.

Simple and intuitive configuration

We designed this easy-to-configure and install TETRA system, so you can get your teams up and running faster. In fact, you can now deploy the system in less than 15 minutes with a simple installer. Using a single IP address, you can quickly integrate DIMETRA Express into your existing network. With group subscriber provision, you can set up radio users instantly. What’s more, DIMETRA Express is ready for the future. It only takes one click to update the system software.

Web-based applications

Network management is easy using network-based tools, including a system status monitor and a simple dispatch application. All you need is a PC or tablet with Android™ or Windows® operating system and a browser. Next, it had support for web-based text messaging, which allows teams to send short or pre-configured messages that increase efficiency in the field.

Robust and reliable communications

You can depend on robust and reliable DIMETRA communications, now with everything in one cabinet, knowing that they are available to your team wherever they need them. As a global leader in TETRA, we offer you a complete portfolio of integrated and jointly tested solutions, from network equipment and base stations to radios and accessories. Our aim is to give you peace of mind with quality products and world-class support.

Flexible and expandable architecture

DIMETRA Express is designed to expand according to your needs. Easily add base radios to a site and get additional channels for greater capacity. Or add another location to extend your coverage area. You can also deploy the system as a temporary solution, either for an event or in an emergency, changing frequencies and adding new subscribers so that your radios remain connected and operational.

Dimetra Express

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DIMETRA Express is a truly flexible TETRA system.

Data sheet

DIMETRA Express data sheet

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DIMETRA Express is a new flexible TETRA system. With switch and base radios integrated into a single box or modular system, it’s now easier than ever to configure, deploy and manage your communications. You simplify daily operations, reducing costs and complexity in the long term.


With its modern architecture, DIMETRA X Core was designed today for the future. Its advanced features will allow you to easily migrate to mobile broadband technology at the right time, protecting your investment in the radio area network. DIMETRA X Core integrates a software-defined core and intelligent interfaces that will provide maximum performance for the next 15 years or more. In addition, you will receive regular DIMETRA software updates that will guarantee the optimum operation of your network and allow you to LOG IN to the new features that are being developed. And it will be ready for WAVETM PTT solutions and intelligent middleware interfaces that extend the reach of applications and voice communications at the convergence point of TETRA and mobile broadband technologies.

Completely scalable

It doesn’t matter whether you operate an airport system, a regional utility company or a nationwide public safety network… in all cases you’ll have the highest levels of operational flexibility, reliability and security, and a truly comprehensive set of features, so you get the coverage, capacity and functionality you need. DIMETRA X Core features a completely scalable architecture that allows the system to be expanded from one location to more than 5,000. What’s more, it allows you to share the same location with other organizations to keep costs down. The division of bodies makes it possible to share the network without jeopardizing the security and privacy of your communications.
It also makes it possible to interconnect several TETRA networks for mission-critical PTT communications between different jurisdictions. The Intersystem Interface enables an unprecedented level of collaboration. In an era when international cooperation is more important than ever, neighboring regions or countries can now communicate without limitations. Whether it’s border control or responding to a natural disaster, working together has never been easier.


For your mission-critical communications, trust DIMETRA X Core. Whether it’s an individual or group PTT service, individual or group messaging for optimized collaboration, dynamic management of work teams for a coordinated response to an incident, location and tracking, or voice recording, in all cases you’ll have the advanced services you need.
With various levels of flexibility and redundancy, including the possibility of geographic redundancy, optimum performance is ensured even in the event of civil emergencies or natural disasters. Because, for your organization, a failure in communication is not an option.

Truly flexible resources

Every government/public security organization and large company must necessarily have a flexible communications network. The software-defined core of
DIMETRA X Core allows you to easily incorporate new features or users. Simply activate software licenses as needed; this could be, for example, to establish temporary coverage for a large-scale regional event or to permanently cover the needs of your ever-growing organization.
Budget constraints are a recurring theme. Thanks to its consolidated virtualized core, DIMETRA X Core uses less energy and simplifies system management, while setting the stage for future software updates. And you can pay only for the features and functionalities you need. All this helps to reduce operating costs and the total cost of ownership.

Improved protection

Threats to cyber security
are a reality of the world we live in. Today’s attackers are more invasive, persistent and adept at evading security blocks and compromising operations. With the safety of your people at risk, trust Motorola Solutions, a leader in mission-critical communications, to help you identify and manage risks in an ever-changing environment.
DIMETRA X Core helps you address these challenges to be better protected today and prepared for the constant improvements in security in the years to come.

Proven reliability

In terms of mission-critical communications, you should rely on DIMETRA’s proven TETRA technology. With more than 1,000 DIMETRA systems deployed by Motorola Solutions in more than 100 countries, you know you’re making a smart investment for the future. Because TETRA is an open standard technology (ETSI) that has been developed, is highly stable and has proven its efficiency, you know that its compatibility and interoperability are guaranteed.

Dimetra X Core

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Dimetra X Core is designed to maximize the use of your current TETRA network, while preparing you for the additional capabilities that mobile broadband technology will offer.


Dimetra X Core

Updated 2017/10/11 | PDF 248.63KB

Dimetra X Core is designed to maximize the use of your current TETRA network, while preparing you for the additional capabilities that mobile broadband technology will offer.

DIMETRA X CORE – Ready for the future, Today

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With a software-defined core, enhanced cybersecurity and intelligent interfaces, DIMETRA X Core is designed for maximum long-term performance, providing the mission-critical communications you need for the next 15 years or more.