The DN2612a Speed Dome camera is fully sealed and comes with different types of brackets for quick and easy installation in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as walls, corners, poles, solid ceilings (slabs) and even in ceilings and plaster ceilings, as it weighs just 6 kg.

Being a true day/night camera, it allows for high-resolution images with 470 lines, in color during the day (1 Lux) and black and white images with extremely high light sensitivity at night (only 0.01Lux is needed, the equivalent of approximately the illumination of a night with a waning moon to get an image with 600 lines).

The DN2612a has an 18x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, autofocus, allows you to program scan patterns with up to 128 points (presets), including the definition of privacy zones and continuous full rotation horizontally (360º) and vertically (190º) with automatic 90º flip.

A black mask (removable) is supplied as standard for greater effectiveness in preventing events (with the mask you can’t see where the camera is pointed). The DN2612a also has 4 inputs for alarms (infrared, barriers, reed swiches) and 2 output terminals for triggering lamps, sirens and so on (power relays required).

It allows easy integration into existing systems by working with multiple protocols (Pelco D/P, Panasonic, Lilin, Pelco Coaxitron and so on) and showing (or not) the camera’s name, direction, zoom and speed on the screen.

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