The PRO7550 Privacy Plus radio from the PRO Series is essential in a dynamic environment where efficient and instant communications are a critical factor. By using this multi-purpose radio in an 800MHz SMARTNET system, you can improve your operational efficiency, reduce risks to employee safety and maximize your ability to react in emergency situations, regardless of your sector.

Motorola’s trunked signal features, such as Selective Calling, Call Alert™, Radio Verification and Caller ID (PTT-ID), allow you to monitor workgroups efficiently. The effectiveness of the trunking system gives you wider call coverage, faster channel access, greater privacy and capacity for a larger number of users and talk groups. On top of all this, your PRO7550 Privacy Plus portable radio can be easily reprogrammed, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your radio will continue to be of great use as your company grows and your needs change.