The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 radio will be your new choice. This series can improve communication efficiency and is easy to use. This is a practical radio designed and manufactured for professionals.

Try MOTOTRBO digital voice communication. Today, thousands of users rely on its excellent voice quality and performance. This allows your company to effectively reduce operating expenses while maintaining greater productivity.

The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 radio is easy to use and upgrade with existing analog systems. If your company is thinking of migrating to a digital system, these new digital radios are compatible with both analog and digital modes. The compatibility of the audio accessories allows you to make use of your previous stock, helping to further protect your investment.

In environments with high equipment requirements or long working hours, digital radios perform better than analog ones and can guarantee clear voice communication.

The MOTOTRBO DEP 250 radio offers the benefits of digital technology: in digital mode, 40% more talk time, dual voice capability with 12.5kHz bandwidth and better audio performance than analog equipment. Your MOTOTRBO radio will provide clearer voice communication on all calls, eliminating the static and background noise of the analog model.