The MTP3100 is optimized for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all kinds of noisy and demanding situations where user safety is paramount. This entry-level radio for TETRA users offers easy migration from analog to digital radio. He makes the transition to TETRA with ease. For experienced TETRA users, this radio is still a powerful unit equipped with excellent features. The MTP3100 TETRA portable radio offers the high performance and reliability needed to increase workforce productivity and ensure user safety. Taking advantage of the best features of a public safety two-way radio, the MTP3100 is designed to ensure loud and clear communications even in noisy working environments.

Made to last. Safer
The MTP3100 has been developed with the highest levels of quality and exceeds all 11 categories in the MIL-810 standard. And like all Motorola TETRA radios, the MTP3100 has been developed to pass an accelerated life test, simulating more than 5 years of use. These tests guarantee that it will withstand the toughest conditions and offer durability that helps reduce life-cycle support costs.

One device for all essential communications. More robust
The MTP3100 radio harnesses all the benefits of TETRA digital technology to bring productivity and safety to the workforce. It features exceptional audio quality with full voice duplex services, PABX and PSTN interconnection, individual and group calls, emergency and priority calls, Short Data Services and location services The MTP3100 also benefits from the inherent protection of TETRA digital signaling. Together with the mutual authentication feature, the MTP3100 provides a secure communications platform.

Simple yet powerful interface. Easier
To minimize staff training costs, the MTP3100 takes advantage of an instantly familiar mobile phone-style user interface. It also contains a large display that can be set to color or grayscale and supports 65,536 vivid colors and large fonts. Practicality is further enhanced by a customizable menu and a simplified keyboard that combine to make interaction with the device quick and intuitive.