The feature-rich MTP3250, including GPS, offers a complete package for TETRA service, along with the inclusion of a full keyboard. It also has the added versatility of Bluetooth connectivity for accessories and collaboration devices. These TETRA radios are optimized for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all kinds of noisy and demanding situations where user safety is paramount. This terminal incorporates a new side connector, offering more robustness. Offering more power, it increases range and performance in indoor areas, so Motorola has added the option of Class 3L power output (1.8 W). Together with its high reception sensitivity, the MTP3250 is capable of maintaining communications in the most demanding situations.

Motorola’s MTP3250 TETRA portable radio offers the high performance and reliability needed to increase workforce productivity and ensure user safety. Taking advantage of the best features of a public safety two-way radio, the MTP3250 is designed to ensure loud and clear communications even in high-noise working environments.

Made to last
The MP3250 has been developed with the highest levels of quality and exceeds all 11 categories in the MIL-810 standard. And like all Motorola TETRA radios, the MTP3250 has been developed to pass an accelerated life test, simulating more than 5 years of use. These tests ensure that it will withstand tough conditions and offer durability that helps reduce life-cycle support costs.