Stay connected to your employees whether they’re delivering freight, dispatching trucks or driving a school bus. The MOTOTRBO DEM 300 mobile radio is a reliable and economical solution for keeping your team in touch, so they can communicate, coordinate and collaborate with maximum efficiency and safety. The DEM 300 has been designed so that the driver can connect without distractions. These radios can be used by commercial vehicle drivers while operating their vehicles.

This analog/digital mobile radio offers all the benefits of the latest technology – from superior audio quality to wider coverage. It is also compatible with MOTOTRBO’s advanced business-critical functions, such as transmission interruption (decoding only) to prioritize important communications.

The analog-only model of the DEM 300 allows you to upgrade to the digital model with a simple software package at your convenience. The DEM 300 is easy to use and provides clear communication for maximum efficiency in your operation. Motorola also offers the MOTOTRBO DEM 300 Mobile Radio with alphanumeric display.