The importance of Intrinsic radios

In some environments, two-way radio communication can be very important and even critical to operations, but standard two-way radios can make even more dangerous environment with potentially explosive atmospheres. To meet this demand, we have the option of the intrinsically safe radio (or IS) that is designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres without the risk of becoming an ignition source or creating a spark that could cause a fire or explosion.

IS radios are needed in a wide variety of segments oil platforms and refineries, gas pipelines, coal mines, chemical plants, grain silos and other environments where potentially explosive or hazardous materials exist. IS radios allow critical communications to be carried out in hazardous environments where the use of non-IS radios can cause sparks and be potentially dangerous. For customers in potentially explosive atmospheres, intrinsic safety is likely to be a key requirement.

Abix has the equipment PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5550, PRO7150 and PRO7550, DGP8050, MTP850, MTP810 and MTP8500 in their IS versions (commonly called simply intrinsic radios) and their accessories approved by CEPEL and FM (Factory Mutual, North American agency that makes the homologation of these equipment) for rental in two modalities.