The Town 2023

Logo oficial do festival The Town - São Paulo

Abix is the official radio communications supplier for The Town 2023

Staging an event of such magnitude as The Town is an undertaking that involves a series of complex challenges. With more than 20,000 participants from different countries, the coordination of teams including engineers, fitters, electricians, sound designers and set designers is essential to the success of the event. However, the complexity doesn’t end there, because during the event, other teams also play crucial roles, including security, medical staff, firefighters, operators, fast food suppliers and many others. One element that remains unchanged, regardless of the circumstances, is the need for uninterrupted and effective communication.

It is in this context that Abix stands out. The company has designed, implemented and is supplying a secure communication system specially adapted to meet the demands of The Town. This innovative system integrates radios, smartphones and tablets into dynamic groups that can be configured during the event, providing essential functionalities for both normal operation and emergency situations. Ensuring communication availability is key, and the system developed by Abix is completely independent of traditional operators, using private LTE and featuring redundancy, which means that two independent systems are integrated, ensuring that if one fails, the other takes over immediately.

A notable feature is the incorporation of private LTE (4G) technology with PTT (Push-to-Talk) over Cellular (PoC) functionality, which is fully integrated with a tier 3 DMR radio system and a TETRA radio system. TETRA is a widely recognized standard used around the world for critical communications and has been adopted by renowned organizations such as Scotland Yard, the German Federal Police and the NATO Armed Forces.

Abix stands out as the leading rental company for critical communication systems in Brazil and demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for major events such as The Town. With the ability to ensure continuous and efficient communication, Abix plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the success and security of events as complex and dynamic as this.