International TETRA Awards

Motorola Solutions receives award for innovation and best use of the system in public services at TETRA event

TETRA is a secure, encrypted digital radio system developed mainly for organizations such as government agencies, public security, health, the military, among others that carry out important communications, often emergency calls, and that require security and discretion.

TETRA digital trunked radio works with an open protocol and is therefore regulated by the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA). The incorporation of new solutions into the system can be proposed by any of the association’s members and must be approved by a technical team before being published for use by manufacturers.

Currently, the TCCA, in partnership with TETRA Today magazine, is holding an event to reward excellence in the use of TETRA technology in business and mission-critical organizations. The categories judged include products, applications and solutions in the field.

In the 2014 edition, Motorola Solutions was awarded in two categories. In “Best TETRA Innovation”, it won with its Intelligent Photography and Communication System, the MTP6750. The second award was for “Best Use of TETRA in Public Services”, together with its client Queensland Gas Cooperation (QGC), which already uses the system in all its operations.


Source: TETRA World; International TETRA Awards; Motorola Solutions

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